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Galvanized steel lamp post pole lamp FOR STREET LIGHTING / 10 meters

Galvanized steel lamp post pole lamp FOR STREET LIGHTING / 10 meters
Galvanized steel lamp post pole lamp FOR STREET LIGHTING / 10 meters
Galvanized steel lamp post pole lamp FOR STREET LIGHTING / 10 meters
Galvanized steel lamp post pole lamp FOR STREET LIGHTING / 10 meters
Galvanized steel lamp post pole lamp FOR STREET LIGHTING / 10 meters

Item code: BSH10M

We ship our lamp post in Europe! All items on stock! Ask for delivery prices before placing Your order.

Our LED solar and standard street lighting technology are a perfect match for our steel pole range. We undertake the implementation of your lighting technology even with construction and installation! Please inquire at our contact details. Specific shipping costs apply to our steel columns depending on size and quantity. Ask for an offer at our contacts! Today, due to the increased lighting needs, there is a need for high-quality, high-quality support structures and columns - primarily in public lighting or for lighting industrial areas, car parks and public areas. Fortunately, there is still a need for period, historic or even modern design columns that, in addition to their lighting function, adorn the built environment on their own, they are not designed for suburban car parks, or even the loading bays of freight stations. illuminate. In such places of use, the primary function of columns holding luminaires for fully functional lighting tasks is to be expedient. What does this expediency mean? Is the lamp post stable with the load capacity appropriate for the task: is it just holding a luminaire, or is it even tensioning a wire? Its quality - in addition to meeting the standards - must also guarantee durability. These conditions are met by columns, such as electric poles, flagpole poles and overhead contact line poles, whose material and surface treatment are suitable for the purpose. The material of our lamp posts is steel, and the corrosion protection is provided by galvanizing. The scaling of the wall thickness adapts to the height of the column. As a result, the pylons are sufficiently stable so that their weight to scale ratio is as balanced as possible. During the galvanizing process we also take into account the design of the column: the lower shell reinforcement of our conical columns e.g. it receives a special surface treatment so that the corrosion-promoting air does not get close to the steel base during welding. Our manufacturing background is always flexible to meet customer needs. This applies to the height and reinforcement of the column: trapezoidal support, lower shell, corresponding base bodies, screws; to form the column: conical, telescopic, octagonal; for equipment: lamp arms, connectors. Our columns are available in stock in certain sizes and quantities. otherwise we can deliver with a delivery time of 2 weeks from the order. The lampposts we offer also perform very well in terms of value for money.

Net price: 548,80 €
Gross price: 696,98 €
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